Saturday 23 December 2017

Employment Opportunity: James Joyce Centre, Dublin Looking for New Manager

The James Joyce Centre, Dublin
The James Joyce Centre in Dublin has advertised a position for a new Cultural Centre Manager, on a 2-year, fixed-term contract (subject to review). It is a full-time role (38 hours per week) that involves reporting to a board of directors.

The overall purpose of the job is described as follows:
The James Joyce Cultural Centre Manager will be responsible for all aspects of the daily operational running of the Centre, its exhibitions and its activities in Dublin and in other locations as required, and for devising and delivering on the Centre's flagship Bloomsday Festival project.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the works of James Joyce and of the significance of his position in Dublin’s historic literary tradition. Previous experience of working in an administrative/management role and of event and venue management in a public-focused environment is also sought, along with experience of preparing and managing budgets, excellent interpersonal, communication and customer service skills and flexibility in working hours over evenings, weekends and public holidays, as required.

The gross salary for this full-time position is €34,000 per annum.

Applications, including a CV, outlining how you meet the requirements of this position should be posted to The Secretary, James Joyce Cultural Centre, 35 North Great George’s St, Dublin 1, the envelope to be marked Confidential Job Application. Applications may also be emailed to: Shortlisting may apply.

The closing date for all applications is 5pm Monday, 15 January 2018. Full details are available from the centre's website.

Wednesday 6 December 2017

Book Launch: Bluesy Ballymoe by William Tiernan

Book Launch: Bluesy Ballymoe by William Tiernan
– Saturday, 9 December, Fr Flanagan Community Centre, Ballymoe, Co. Galway –

Poetry that fears not to go wherever the heart leads it is what the reader can expect in the forthcoming, second volume by William Tiernan, soon to be released.

Bluesy Ballymoe: Pulse and Hearts above Zero by William Tiernan
Bluesy Ballymoe: Pulse and Hearts above Zero has just been published and will be on general sale from Saturday, 9 December, when the book will be formally launched at a special reception in the Galway village from which the book takes its title.

William Tiernan is a poet and author who resides in rural Galway, close to the Roscommon border. His writings reflect his personal experiences and convictions, as well as strong ties to the community in which he lives and his identification with the place where he grew up.

His first collection of poems, Greetings from Guilka, Ballymoe: Poems from the Head and the Heart (also on sale and available to buy online) was published in 2016. Previously, he was National Winner in the poetry category at the Hanna Greally International Literary Awards in 2014, organised as part of the annual SiarScéal Festival in Co. Roscommon.
Greetings from Guilka, Ballymoe: Poems from the Heart and the Head by William Tiernan

As a poet, he says, he is always a loner but, in his heart and soul, he strives to be a real people's person and not a fair-weather friend, not least to those who suffer the torments of this world.
"No matter how strong faith is, fear and doubt will test it to its core, weaken it if they can and, in some cases, sadly, destroy."

He goes on to say that "love can be a cold stone nesting in a warm fire with its flame reaching out to heal, but cannot reach a dying wound."

Tiernan's poetry burns with insight; a true example of the fire inside the head that drives a person to create. Influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Patrick Kavanagh will be discerned but the voice is all his own. It is a distinct voice that reaches out to people, addresses itself to themes that are universal, reflections that are often sadly true but, able and willing to rise to the challenges that they present.
"Never let the sun go down on your hatred or your anger; it will eat you away. Depression is an illness of the mind and body, a cancer of the soul. Let's support one another and defeat it."

Bluesy Ballymoe: Pulse and Heart above Zero by William Tiernan is published by The Manuscript Publisher and is available to buy online (RRP €12.95 plus P&P). It will also be on sale at the book's launch, to take place on Saturday, 9 December at Fr Flanagan Community Centre, Ballymoe, Co. Galway, following 8pm Mass.

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