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Book Launch | Moments with Patrick Gately | Poetry Day Ireland

The Moments Series by Patrick Gately

– poetry that reflects, dwells, marvels in and captures the moment –

Life is just a moment long,
Added to the moments gone.
When we recall back on years gone by,
They are moments together that seem to fly.
Front cover of Moments in Time by Patrick Gately
Moments in Time by Patrick Gately

The poetry of Patrick Gately not only captures the moment but lives and dwells in it too – momentarily, of course!

Reflections on life and observations drawn from everyday experiences fill the pages, describing events that may only be momentary or fleeting in duration but cast light, nevertheless, on the mundane world and all that is easily overlooked. An air of universality permeates the themes and the impressions that he creates, making one feel as if the moment is frozen in time. The thoughts expressed linger long after the moment has passed.

At the same time, he is also able to bring forth the humorous side of life, and to write it all down. The reader is taken on a journey that, at its destination's end, will make you feel glad that you took the time to stop and stare.

Front cover of Moments in Life by Patrick Gately
Moments in Life by Patrick Gately

Patrick Gately is a retired electrician who lives in Dublin. Although he hails originally from Dún Laoghaire, he has found a home in Santry, on the northside of the city.  He had been writing for many years until he realised, one fine day, that he had produced enough to fill a book – or several. Now, two volumes of his poetry have been published simultaneously, with the promise of more to come. More recently, he has turned his attention to fiction writing.

Moments in Life and Moments in Time by Patrick Gately are published under the imprint of The Manuscript Publisher. The books will be formally launched at Ballymun Library in Dublin on Thursday, 25 April starting 6.30pm, as part of Poetry Day Ireland celebrations, an annual celebration, now in its tenth year, that takes place under the auspices of Poetry Ireland, where the nation is invited to read, write and share a poem.

Moments in Life and Moments of Time by Patrick Gately are published under the imprint of The Manuscript Publisher and available to buy online. RRP €12.95 plus P&P.

Invitation to the launch of two books by Patrick Gately (the Moments series)

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