Tuesday 15 August 2017

Jesus Loves Your History: Forgiveness Meetings by A. s.C. – a beginning that begins with the self

Jesus Loves Your History by A. s.C.
Jesus Loves Your History: Forgiveness Meetings is the debut novella of the author who goes by the name, A sC. In the following, she describes how the book came about:
"Over the past challenging four years, my life has changed and settled me in more ways than one, which is where, I believe, Jesus Loves Your History has stemmed from. When I first started putting thoughts together in a coherent work one would call a book, I wasn’t sure if anyone would understand it and I lacked the self-confidence to share it. I finally asked my family if I could read various pages and sections to them and their encouragement helped me evolve and take chances I was never willing to take before.
"Within that same year, it was suggested to me that I take a writing course with Ferdia MacAnna, author of the Last of the High Kings (a major Hollywood Blockbuster). Because of Ferdia, friend and mentor, and my course mates, I was able to find my voice in order to articulate this relevant tale; another fear faced.
"When the book was in its final stages and attempts were being made to find an agent/publisher, the title of 'The Personal Steps: Forgiveness Meetings' just didn’t seem to be catching the attention of…well… anyone. The fear of rejection was rearing its ugly head and it wasn’t until my husband, Ricardo and his two beautiful girls got involved that we were able to give my art its final name.
"The journey of creating this first novella in the Jesus Loves Your History series is one I would call a blessing of the lowest lows and highest highs. All of my beautifully imperfect characters exist to tell the tale of a journey toward a more understanding, peace-filled and unified world: a journey of forgiveness, uncomfortable changes and letting go because there is no better beginning than one that begins with the self.
"This, my friends, is how Jesus Loves Your History: Forgiveness Meetings came to be."

The Kindle edition of Jesus Loves Your History: Forgiveness Meetings by AsC will be available from 7 September but you can pre-order it right now. The author is aiming to meet a target of 3,000+ pre-orders between now and the release date:
"I welcome you to be a part of my dream to make it on the AMAZON eBOOK BEST SELLERS LIST and as a thank you for Pre-Ordering an eBook copy of Jesus Loves Your History on Amazon, I will send you a small token of my appreciation..."

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